travelling and living in japan has changed me, in a good way.

so far, japan has given me a lot to think about. it inspires me immensely.

I’ve had a desire to live in japan on high school, and since then, i’ve been blessed so much that i’ve got to visit several cities there; okazaki, nagoya, osaka, kyoto, tokyo and fukuoka (in kyushu island). i had sweet memories with the people there, both with the japanese and international folks.

especially during my stay in fukuoka for 6 months last year, i had discovered countless new customs and smart ways to execute daily things, that i’ve never thought possible before. i love the kawaii-ness that emerge in most aspects of life. i love walking fast among busy salary men during the rush hours at the train stations. also i love cooking and eating local food and going downtown, exploring the countryside by bike.i valued how japanese preserved their local culture and traditions but at the same time making efforts to improve modern daily lifestyle.

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on my last visit to tokyo (july 2017), i found japan has become my second home. when i think about it, it’s kind of strange to be able to feel on a comfort zone in a place whose language i barely speak of… but living this structured life with all its practicality & neat surrounding has won a place at my heart. i feel happy about it. wherever in japan, you’ll notice that it’s a natural thing to be responsible, kind and helpful.

as a matter of fact, i don’t mind spending my life there if possible. maybe in the future there is a chance to spend exciting years in japan. who knows the future right?

for now, i realized that soon i will discover more fresh experience in the near future. it’s a mystery yet, but i know it’s going to be another unforgettable journey. 20170630_145808.jpgi can feel a big change happening in me, and i welcome it. i love change.

until then,

cheers // adj



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