A Life Update

Hello reader! Man, it feels like forever since I have given you all a little life update.

So, here it goes…

These past few months have been a whirl wind to say the least. So many changes have been happening in my life, career, and relationships.

The last post is about my experience in LPDP scholarship selection. Even though I feel confident and did my best, several weeks later I got informed that I’ve failed the scholarship. There was a moment of dissapointment, but soon I applied the other scholarships; to VLIR-UOS Scholarship (in UGent, Belgium) and Netherland Fellowship Program (NFP) Both of the selection results would be announced in June, so after my application has been submitted in February, there comes a really long wait.

For months I’ve been in my comfort zone. I didn’t apply any permanent job because I would have to quit it if I got the scholarship, which is not a good thing. I did some internships in several start-ups, but most of the time I spent my at home working out, watching videos, learning gymnastics, aka eat-play-sleep, and repeat. Thanks to my sweet home, Youtube and EDX Online course, they have become my source of inspirations and entertainment. I’m happy to be able to learn new things through online courses at my pace (they’re truly good!), did everything I want like trying out a lot of fermentation projects out of curiousity.

But still I struggled with a lot of boredom because since graduated from college over a year ago, there was no challenge, homework, or any duty… it is such a contrast compared with the hectic busy days back then. These are struggles which I don’t know how’s it gonna end, and I dislike that. It feels wrong and uncomfortable to be free-from-anything these long. I’m not sure whether I should start to look for a job or better wait. Although I’m certain to continue study but I fear it will still be on 2018, or longer…

There were several checkpoints. On 15th April an email from Wageningen told that I’ve pass the first screening of NFP, and they will inform the result in another two months.

In May I got a Letter of Admission from UGent that I’ve been accepted to the Food Technology Master Program (starting September 2017), but still waiting for VLIR-UOS announcement. Soon after this, UGent emailed me that I’m on the waiting list to receive VLIR-UOS Scholarship. That means, there’s still a possibility for me if another candidate cancel his/her scholarship offer. It’s a bit sceptical, so I really hope I can win the NFP.

Then on the 1st June 2017, around 3 p.m. and email pop out announcing that I’ve been awarded the Netherland Fellowship Program!!!

It is not a dream! Starting in September 2017 until August 2019, I will be stay and study Wageningen for two years! eek! I didn’t expect it come on that day, I thought it would be on 15th June.

For now… I am filled with excitement and just a little bit of nerves. Suddenly time goes so fast, I am happy to find myself in a new season of my life. A season filled with challenges, support, and discoveries. I believe in myself again and I have learned patience and trust in God’s path, just like a quote; Do your best in life and the universe will help you to achieve your dream.

So, thank you everyone. My parents, sisters, lecturers, friends, all your supports in the past have brought me here.

Next! I will be posting stories again. I plan to sharing all memories and hopefully you find it useful. See you next time! 😀



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