Preparation for LPDP Scholarship

I believe that…


Hello there people!
I haven’t shared with you about my post-graduation life so far…
These past months I was preparing myself to obtain LPDP Scholarship to continue my study. I spent a lot of time to prepare for this scholarship, which I divided into several points below:

#1 Determined to continue studying and fixed the specialization
Through Bachelor study in microbiology, I’ve discovered passion for what I’m doing, what I really enjoy and do very well. I’m determined to continue my further study, so I browsed for suitable universities worldwide, including immediate scholarships opportunities. I look through numerous great unis and made a list of the ones I’m interested with. When I did this, I compared them based on searching their research outcomes, study curriculum and environment, as well as possible follow-ups after Master graduation.

Finally, these three universities were chosen, I wrote them based on my preferences:

  1. Wageningen University: Marine Biotechnology
  2. Ghent University: Food Technology
  3. Tsukuba University: Biotechnology

Then I secured a seat in Wageningen University (will write about this on a separate post).
Next! It’s time to win a scholarship!!! (ง •̀_•́)ง

#2 Research about LPDP, then submitted my LPDP scholarship application

After I got the Unconditional Letter of Acceptance from Wageningen, I process my application to LPDP Scholarship, one of the most prestigious & nation-wide scholarship in the country. I know it won’t be as easy to obtain LPDP since so many students apply for this scholarship.

I prepared every document really well, asked advice from alumni, awardees, lecturers, parents, friends… Basically just gather as much information as I can to improve the application documents.

I drafted, read and revised, read and revised all the essays: “My contribution for Indonesia” and “The Biggest Success in My Life”, as well as “The Study Plan”. These three documents were really really important, because these documents represents your values and missions to the evaluators. When you passed the first screening, you would have to account for every detail that you’ve written in the interview sessions. Thus, after I got confident with all the documents prepared, I submitted them to LPDP.

While waiting the first screening results to be announced, I have around 1.5 month to prepare the second screening process:

#3 I studied myself, my CV, my Bachelor research. I made a list of highlighted achievements and describe my role in each one, wrote in down in one sentence, then compiled them to a file. Just in case I am asked about it in the interview I can describe it straightforwardly.

#4 Learned about my field of interests for the future plan in detailed by following online courses, doing projects in my faculty and writing articles. These kept my brain working and prevent me from being bored despite my “unemployed” status.

#5 Prepare for On-the-spot essay writing and Leaderless Group Discussion (LGD). I read many blog posts from LPDP applicants and awardees, learn the tips and possible topics that might come. I’m not really a person who follows the news, especially in politics. But I have prepare myself for this: I listed the topics down and browsed through the media and saved the related-news in youtube to a dedicated playlist. Whenever I have the mood to study, I can stream the news from the playlist.
Turns out this helps me a lot, really!

#6 Prepare answers for possible interview questions. Just like the previous points, I research about possible interview questions. Listed them down in a file and wrote my answer carefully through days.

Many have collected their past question, wrote a recap from their interview, giving tips regarding the interview selection process… I cannot remember every articles I read, but I’m grateful for their shares as it benefits me as well. I’ve also committed myself  to share a complete story about my LPDP application process, regardless I passed or not.

On 27th October 2016, I got informed that I’ve passed the first screening! YAAY!


At that time, I haven’t know when will the second screening be held (I took the screenshot after the page has been update), but for sure it would take place around 8 – 30th November 2016.  I intensified preparation on points #3, #4, #5. Those points really support me in the second screening process… Which means, see you in the next post! I’ll recap what happened there! ^-^

Yovita Astuti Djohan
a.k.a Yovita Adj



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