The Perks of having Flaws



There’s soooo many things in life that I would rather be doing than trying to have a perfect body, be a perfect girl, run a perfect business, and live a perfect life:

1. Wake up–eat–tackle a suicide workout.

2. Laughing until by belly hurts

3. Freestanding handstands

4. Teaching freestanding handstands

5. Making up silly dance moves and not caring who sees them (jkjk I actually want everyone to see them)

6. Bungee jumping with my cat

7. Strolling around Japan subway all day night long.

8. Gymnastics in my room, even though my cat Momo think “gymnastics” means “sleep on Mom’s mattress when she goes upside down”.

9. Traveling to five countries in Europe before I reach 30.

10. Cooking, eating and sharing “Oh so yummy!” Kyoto-style-tofu dishes.



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