Implement a Simple Way to Stay FOCUS

Amidst of being graduated, studying become the top priority for all successful people of all ages. Everyone knows how to attend lectures and take notes on campus, but sometimes the trickiest thing can be carving out time in your week to learn it at your own pace.

Now that I have a period to manage my wish-to-do-lists 24/7, the only thing I can concentrate on is everything! BUT to work on my to-do list on an endless spare time, my focus started to linger more and more, I started looking for ways to be effective even during my productivity slumps.

This matters — our lives are brief and limited, and while we don’t need to be productivity robots, swap and delay tasks into distractions and comfort is not the best way to spend our lives.

I found the Pomodoro technique through some Internet browsing and have since become obsessed with it! Basically it’s a way to get you to focus for short spurts, then you get a break. Yay, breaks! 😀 You can play with any time variables you’d like, but I’ve been using the 25-5 method: 25 minutes of zoning in, 5 minutes of whatever you want (breaks are supposed to be free of technology).

During the 25-minute focus time you need to turn off distractions—put my phone away—and use that time to get stuff done. (This is super hard at first but you get used to it.) Then, during the 5-minute break you can do a handstand, drink coffee, take a walk and the like.

I’ve been marking off how many sessions I can do in a day and it’s become a little addictive—but in a good way. Sometimes I use Trello to manage a more complicated tasks or group tasks, it’s nice to have your mind de-cluttered, therefore they don’t stack up and complicate things.

This technique isn’t only for work stuff either; use it for chores or basically anything you don’t have the drive for but need to complete.

Tip: For me 5 minutes is not enough for a true break during the day, so I’m sure to give myself 30+ minutes off where I can do workout, cook, eat, sleep… yeah! XD

*Image via Pinterest (hopefully next time I can do like the girl in the picture)

Have you tried this technique? Would love to hear if you’ve tried either!



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