Budget-friendly Student Life Tips (from personal experience)

Budget lifestyle, it doesn’t mean being stingy to yourself. This is my own tried-and-proven money-saving tips while living in Fukuoka. A lot of my friends concern about expensive living in developed countries like Japan, but there are couple advice to save yens while still enjoy student life!

Hope you find these useful as well! 😀

  1. Food and groceries

    Cook your own meals! I cook one big batch every morning and divide it into two for lunch and dinner. Later I often bring it to cafeteria with my friends or eat in the lab when I have experiments. This proves as the most effective way to save money! A normal meal cost around 300-700 yen, but I spend less than 250 yen/2 meals if I cook. Sometime I spare for dessert and feel great afterwards 😀

    Some maybe doubtful to cook because previously we rarely cook, but cooking for ourselves has no risk, plus you know exactly what you eat so you can eat healthy too. It’s fun to experiment and try crazy recipes from pinterest, youtube. I often found they’re surprisingly yummy! ^^

    About groceries, some supermarkets discount fresh foods at three or two hours before closing time. So besides weekends, I can get necessary things even at half-price after coming back from the lab. 😀

    As soon as you settle in your new room, it is wise to buy cooking utensils from home goods stores or get it free from students who already not using theirs because they’re going back to home country. (Trust me… in Japan, this happens often!)

  2. Home essentials
    Living in dorms with many international students can give benefits of getting some useful things for free, and more they can give suggestion of good second hand shops or stores selling stuffs with reasonable prices. The take home note is… Make friends and communicate often, you can get some great advice anywhere or anytime :).

    I got almost all these things, including the bike, for FREE!!
    (But not the clothes though XD)

    Not-so-related, while living together you can have fun with potluck parties and movie nights! You don’t have to spend as much as if you go party in a restaurant and still enjoy the togetherness.

  3. Utilities (electricity, water, internet connection, etc)
    You’re really lucky if you can find a shared-room to live (and don’t mind using kitchen and fridge together), because usually the rent is much cheaper than private. It happened to me, and it’s great because besides making friends I also got a private bed in private separate room, so you don’t have to sleep in the same room. Cool.Tips to save electricity and water, other than use it wisely, you can minimize the bill by staying in the university. This is significant especially in winter because we need heater. In Fukuoka, I found that the charge for electricity is actually less when used 10.00 pm – 08.00 am, that can also help to reduce those bills.
  4. Transport
    Get a bike and get active! Other than that, always survey which mode of transportation suits you best. Google maps can give several alternatives including the costs, so you know how much you’ll spend.
  5. Sightseeing and traveling
    Surely there are many places to enjoy leisure moments for free! In Japan, festivals happen almost every weekend. Browse through relevant blogs and websites, including the university website for international students. Sometimes they post about home-stay program, visiting program, many kinds of it… There are many opportunities to explore your surroundings.

    I got to these places, and many more!

    6. Overnight stay
    If you need a place to stay overnight, look through Airbnb. It’s a domain where you can search for available rooms in an area that suits you best, because you can specify the price range and room types.When you want to make a plan for upcoming trips using Airbnb, you can use this link (www.airbnb.com/c/yovitaa1) to get a discount for your order, trust me it’s mutually beneficial.

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps you spare more money to spent in other needs such as souvenirs, parties and gifts! Enjoy student life^-^!



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