Road to Bachelor of Science Microbiology SITH-ITB

After the unforgettable international experience in Fukuoka, Japan… I’m back to my beloved habitat: Bandung, Indonesia v^_^v!!!
Flight date: 8th March 2016

As I’ve been very close with many friends, Indonesian friends, internationals, labmates, professors, Japanese, and moreover I’m too comfortable and indulge with all the pleasant aspects of living in Japan, I actually want to stay longer. But it’s time to go back and embrace new days ahead.


Arrived in Bandung on March 8th, 2016… the so-called “Home Sweet Home” feeling filled me. It’s great to find everything stays the same, my bedroom, Momo, my campus, food… all those things. :). Above all I’m so happy to see my families and friends. In turn, they also very enthusiast to dig in souvenirs and stories. My 40-kg++ baggage were 90% filled with souvenirs, I left so many belongings in Japan ahah… most of them are donated to my friends (that’s how international students in budget live happy, guys!^^).

Then of course, my academic life restarted. Besides finishing my thesis, there are several lectures I took this semester, so I had to catch up with materials, preparing for the mid exam week which began on the same week on my arrival (I’ve known that before coming back, of course). But thank God everything went okay. During these couple of months, March-May, I followed lectures while finishing my thesis. Besides, I discussed several matters with my supervisor, Dr. Gede Suantika. Much less about my thesis, we focused on future plans for the research, implementation, including my graduate study plan next year. So after my graduation, I have responsibilities to finalize some great things.. later I will tell.

As my academic load was less intense compared to lectures in my past semesters, I had plenty of time to chats with friends, girl talks, boy talks, playing around, experimenting Japanese cooking using Indonesian ingredients. I did some traveling, met old friends, doing some craft projects etc.

In Microbiology Study Program SITH-ITB, every student who will graduate presents her thesis formally in Seminar Tugas Akhir session and faces the Final Defense (Sidang) after approval from her supervisor. So on May 23rd, 2016 my seminar took place. I’m so relieved that everything went smooth, God has indeed guided me to dismiss every little aspects that could make it gone wrong. Even though I can’t answered all the question asked by the examiner, but I’ve present my best and I’m grateful. Other friends of mine, in total seventeen of them, also presented their thesis. Everyone passed it well.

Next, the Final Defense! Almost all students took seminar also follows the defense, this is one gate before becoming a Bachelor of Science. In Final Defense, most Professors and lecturers in Microbiology Study Program attended, three of them will ask us, one by one, in a closed forum, on our comprehensive understanding related to Microbiology.. practically everything we had learned during four years of study. It’s like being judged in a court… 3: So yeah, it was no game, man! Every time all students studied with all means and ways to prepared this defense. But thank God once again that my session went smooth, also with my other friends. huaaw. It was on June 14th, 2016, seventeen Microbiology students had successfully passed the Final Dense and become a Bachelor of Science. HOORAY!

(These photos are taken by my friend Rio)

On this great moment our friends surprised us with a cheerful party, many baloons, congratulations goodies and sticky notes, having dinner together, taking photos and videos together… Everyone was merry!

But this is not the end, because many things have to be prepared for graduation, which I will write after several posts later. While doing this, I’m just chill on this idle period: no studies, holiday everyday, weekdays like weekends. 😀 😀 😀 (typical of an unemployment haha)



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