Farewell Party for Doctoral and Master Students in Goto-Kamiya Lab

Another farewell party.. This time it is for the students from Goto-Kamiya Lab that will graduate soon in the end of March 2016. Several of them were close to me, like the D3 graduates Kak Nurul, Senpai Zhao, and the Master students Owada-senpai, Suehiro-senpai, Saeki-senpai, Kawanami-senpai, Deguchi-senpai, Naritomi-senpai. Most members joined this one, it was a dinner in a restaurant.

Sensei opened the party after delivered his last message to the students. Then doctoral students gave short speech in the beginning so it was a bit emotional, but we had a cheerful talks during the meal.

We chatted about our experiences in and outside lab and I shared about my feelings of going away soon. I said to my Sensei that I am already addicted to work in Goto-Kamiya Lab, so I promised myself and them to come back in the future, and I don’t wanna say that this is goodbye, because it makes me sad…

26_fareweld3m2 (19)26_fareweld3m2 (17)26_fareweld3m2 (20)

Hopefully, hopefully our path will cross again! X’) I’m sure it will be amazing to do research for 3 years!



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