From “Anggaruda” with Love – in Oneness Asia Summit 2016

Anggaruda! The name abbreviates from Angklung and Garuda Saman, it was created for the Oneness Asia International Summit Conference held in Hakozaki Campus of Kyushu University on 18th February 2016.The event was organized by Japan All Student Cooperate Association (JASCA), and young stakeholders from all over the country came to come and discuss important aspects in life.

Indonesian student association (PPIF – Perkumpulan Pelajar Indonesia Fukuoka) was invited to deliver saman dance and angklung musical performances. It was a great opportunity for us Indonesians to introduce our culture to international people.

18_ppifonenes (2)18_ppifonenes (1)18_ppifonenes (8)18_ppifonenes (4)18_ppifonenes (9)

First performing was saman dance. My friends, Enggar, Karine, Dhifa, Fitri, Indah, Tansza, Reza, Haekal and me showed the “quick-clapping-hand” Saman. It was great and the audience were so thrilled!^^ We’ve worked hard for this actually. I’ll tell a story of our behind the scene later below this post. Unfortunately the video hasn’t been available yet but hopefully the committee will be able to get it. For now enjoy the photos^^

18_ppifoneness (4)18_ppifoneness (5)

And next angklung performance was on, they were amazing! Three songs were composed and played harmonically; Rasa Sayange from Maluku, Tanah Airku by Ibu Sud, and Himawari no Yakusoku which comes from Doraemon movie “Stand by Me”.

These are the angklung performances^^ Enjoy!

1. Rasa Sayange
(video credit: Hiromi Ramli)

2. Tanah Airku by Ibu Sud
(video credit: Hiromi Ramli)

3. Himawari no Yakusoku
(video credit: Hiromi Ramli)

And you know, besides the performances, PPIF also offered mini angklung workshop for the participants. In this workshop they had chance to try playing the instrument, told how to played it and tried to played  “Ue Wo Muite Arukou”, a Japanese song which was popular in Indonesia. It was really fun and in 10 minutes nice music soared the hall.

This is the Saman behind the scence, we practiced many times and when we practiced together actually the bonding grows stronger.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were having so much fun and happy moments! Especially thank you to Ka Karine that really taught us well. :DThen on the H-day, we got make ups and everything, so cooL!

I was so happy to join this group. This is so memorable, and everytime I think I’m leaving them soon, my hearts cried. 😦

18_ppifoneness (19)18_ppifoneness (22)

This was only the parts of the video captured by my friend Ardy and Tya.


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