Farewell Party for Ardy and Me

The bittersweet feeling of leaving is haunting…
Not much longer is my flight back home to Indonesia. I don’t want to think about the sad part, but actually, it is really sad. Because here I made a new bright life with friends, senpai, kouhai, researchers, Japanese. We did many things together, like for example this time, Indonesian buddies made a small party in the dorm.

My friends from dormitories in Ito area and some from Hakozaki and Maidashi area (another branch of Kyushu campuses) came. We chatted and laughed and did silly things!

We really like to do this; easy and cheap, just go shopping the day before and prepare a good dishes! So we cooked overnight marinated honey-sauce chicken, mixed vegetables and egg, noodles, takoyaki and an authentic Indonesian food; gemblong.

Ardy, one friend of us who already be in Osaka right now (soon will be leaving to Indonesia!) made this great vlog video about the party. So please enjoy!

Thank you for everything! Anyway I still have a few days here, it’s gonna be great I hope :D.


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