Nagasaki Trip: Chinatown Lantern – Unzen – Kingdom of Lights

One place in Japan that I’d been planning to visit since last year is Nagasaki. On February 12th – 13th we can explored through Lantern Festival in Chinatown I went here together with 5 friends; Annelies, Pa Andang, Dhifa, Serene and Reynaldi. This was perfect timing to travel because of several reasons; we want to see the Kingdom of Lights in Huis Ten Bosch the biggest illumination in Japan which only available in winter and springs, there was a Chiantown Lantern Festival in Nagasaki, celebrating Lunar New Year (Feb 8th – 23), Annelies were going back soon and I just finished my final thesis presentation, so it’s time for both of us to enjoy!

Tour started in the 12th afternoon. First we got to Nagasaki Chinatown area, the weather was nice even though rain poured down a bit. When felt different atmosphere than Fukuoka when we reached Nagasaki City. There were trams, oldtown building, wider road with more cars and old buildings. We directly got to the Chinatown site; the view upon us was amazing ^-^!

Numerous lanterns hanging, standing, lining up around us. We took so many good pictures, chatting and cherish the moment. This Chinatown is somehow doesn’t have strong ‘Chinese’ atmosphere, probably because everyone is speaking Japanese, heheh.. but that’s negligible anyway. We had dinner in a good restaurant and spend the night in the car watching movies and sleep

Early morning, we went around the city, visited a very good natural onsen in Unzen, still Nagasaki prefecture which was really really relaxing, I think it’s the best onsen in the city. We met and chatted with several people and they said so! So we got a warm good bath.

Afterwards, we continued to stroll around the surroundings, nearby us there was a hotspring called Jigoku, literally means hell, haha.. the place was quite cool, it was indeed really hot, and they always got a really thick fog on the top part.

It was around midday when we got out from hell, then we drove our way to paradise, the Kingdom of Lights! It took around two hours as it’s located in Sasebo, not next door to Nagasaki. This is like a small Disneyland, one very decent European themed-park.

14_huistenbosch (28)14_huistenbosch (17)

We played some games, the horror ones, interesting ones, cute ones, and cherish great pictures. We rode One Piece cruise, went to a thrilling ghost houses and watched musical shows, parade, and many more.

Anyway night was approaching and the illumination: Oh it was so magical!!!. Camera just clicked every moment. First we got this really great 3d Illumination show!

Some parts were so magical like in the fairy tale 🙂

I was so happy to spend time here, only one thing is uncompleted yet, I want to try the bungee jumping, but it was not available because of weather problem. So maybe it’s a cue for me to return in the future^^ haha.




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