Dazaifu Elementary School World Exchange 2016

Hello! So much time not writing here I suppose…

On a cold Saturday 6th February 2016, once again I got a chance to participate in international cultural program with very kawaii Japanese elementary students, this time it was held in Dazaifu-nishi area. Yes, it’s near the famous temple Dazaifu.

I went with my good friend Karine. We left as early as 06.30 am because we decided to bike to the station, it’s the quickest way since bus operates 07.00 on weekends. Biking together makes us forget about the cold and tire. But even though we left so early, when we arrive in the nearest station, we had to rush to the school! We’re already 15 minutes late, omg. We even mistaken the elementary school as the junior high school, because we didn’t know which one is the school though, our first time here. So by the time we arrived on the spot it was already around half an hour late.. omg it was so bad.

But fortunately the teachers were so kind and they just let us jumped in. So we went to the classroom. First session is exchange with 1st and 2nd year students. We talked about games, songs and origami. The students gave us origami and we shared how we played rock paper scissors in our own country.

Next session we moved to 3rd and 4th grade students. We talked a lot about food, bento, lunchboxes and school lunch menus. The students made a really great cards showing various kinds of foods served in japanese school lunch menus, then we pretended to buy and order food in food court, such a creative way for sharing! I like how they drew all of these cards, so nice! Look!

Last session is exchanged with 5th and 6th grade students. They gaave presentations about Japanese culture, like kimono, festivals, traditional house, tatami, vegetation, custom, and many more. So they divided the students into groups and each group presented about one topic. All of them made great posters and performed a small role plays.

To me it was so attractive and cool performances! They spoke English well, it’s a really good thing!

Oh we also had session to share our culture. Me and Karine taught the students a part of saman dance. It was so fun^^ and I’m happy to shared Indonesian culture even though it’s not much.

The event ended at around 12.00, after all of participants gathered in the library, we were given a small lunch as thank you. Then we said goodbye!

It was just a short event but it creates nice memory. I hope the students keeps learning English and most importantly not shy to practice speaking it. The school really encourage the students to speak, they even stuck stickers showing nouns in English with pictures. Hahahaha.. this is really a creative way of teaching.

Anyway here I shared the event schedule and website where I registered. Probably you guys wanna join too, it is held every year, so in 2017 maybe you can experienced great culture exchange with everlasting cute japanese kids. lol 😀


After this event Karine and me didn’t went back at once, because we’re already in town and we have a one-day-pass ticket, we went around the city center. First we had  lunch, with a great delicious takoyaki, then we met another friend Jamine and went shopping in Tenjin area. It was a great outing! Love this moment!




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