Birthday K.A.R.A.O.K.E カロリー Boost!

The title’s lame right? hahaha..

I stayed up to late that now I got nothing in my brain guys. lol. But since I’m feeling so great and pleasant I wanna share my birthday celebration.

So last Feb 15th 2016 is my cat’s birthday (yes, I had the same birth date with my cat Momo). I had an excellent day! First in the morning I went shopping on 08.00 through light snow showers, I had to buy giftbox for a friend because I don’t have any. But I gotta rush, because I had a meeting with my Professor and his colleague about our research project on 10.00. The wind was really hard that my bike almost stop on the way, I though I will make it just on time but fortunately it is still 09.00 when I reached my lab haha..

Then I had discussion with my Sensei, really serious and exhilarating. Sensei knew it was my birthday (oh, I blushed!) and he gave me a nice present and we had lunch together. We talked about several things, research, food, culture, Indonesia, Japan.. and I intentionally asked about his research project in the future, to ensure whether I will continue in his lab on my PhD or not. 🙂 His answer really excited me, I really want to take part of the topics. I kept it a secret until several years later, because it’s still a very long time, I don’t know the future and how the situation will be so just keep it inside first^^!

After that I spent time in the lab, listened to a PhD student final defense, had a skype with my family, answering birthday greetings in Facebook, Line, Whatsapp, all of that stuffs that keep coming when you had birthday hahaha!

The celebration came after sundown. Usually I ate dinner in canteen with my Indonesian friend. Around 06.00 I came and soon after that my friends also came. They brought a cake and sang Happy Birthday! Oh it was so lovely! My friend Dhifa baked a really soft delicious cake, almost like a cheesecake and it looks fancy!

We enjoyed time together until around 20.00 pm then Karine and I departed from campus to do Karaoke session with our good buddies Annelies, Jamine and Andres! It was my first time doing karaoke, haha… the place was really cool. We can sing for five hours non stop, free flowing drinks and soups and just enjoy as time passing by.

My dear friends also gave me really warming birthday card, wishes, cakes and gift! I’m so thankful and I don’t know what to say.. so instead of talking we just sang until three in the morning. hahaha…

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I’m just happy, really enjoyed this moment! It was so great to have good friends like them.

Thank you very much for everything guys! CONGRATULATIONS! You succeeded on making me stay up the whole night and be crazy! XD XD XD



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