Hey, Let’s Go Party in my Home! -Kamiya-

I know my Sensei is friendly and brilliant but now I know him further.. turns out he’s surprisingly humble! Professor Dr. Noriho Kamiya, whom I called Nori Sensei since we began discussing research through emails, is my research supervisor. He speaks English great, graduated from Kyushu University and did his postdoc Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and very handsome (๑´ㅂ`๑)♡*.+゜

Last weekend on 30th January 2016, he invited several students to party in his house, The students are them who will leave his laboratory this year (including me) and our fellow students from same country.

The thing that surprises me is his openness, kindly introduce his family to us. I went together with other students, it was my first time to visit a Japanese Professors’ house. His house is cozy and warm, a medium sized modern apartment.

Inside we got to know my Sensei’s wife and sons, Mrs. Chiemi Kamiya, Kensuke-kun and Shunsuke-kun. Sensei’s sons were so cute and handsome as well like their father… lol. Mrs. Kamiya was so hard working that she cooked all the time to serve us.

Besides eating, we talked a lot and played games. Nori Sensei previously asked each of us to bring a small gift for BINGO game. But I made special present for Nori Sensei, a figurine of him made from clay… At least it is the thing that I am good at and hopefully leaves a good memory for him 🙂

Anyway, on BINGO game unexpectedly I was the first person to get the BINGO! So lucky!^-^ I got to choose the present randomly and also gift from Nori Sensei, and I got a really cool prize from Saeki-Senpai, he’s one of a cool guy who speaks English in the lab. Sensei’s gift was a gift card, I almost can’t believe my luck! whoaaa…. XD

From this party I knew that my Sensei also his son as well have sense of art, that makes me feel somehow closer because it reminds me of my mum too. In conclusion, I am so lucky to join his lab this semester. He gives me spirit to give my best!

30_SenseiParty (1)

30_SenseiParty (47)



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