Heat up the cold Winter!

Since it’s been a while…

Saturday 23rd of January 2016, PPI Fukuoka held an Angklung rehearsal for our upcoming performance in Oneness Asia 2016. It is a young students international conference which hosted by Kyushu University. It is really an honor for us to present our culture; besides Angklung there will also be Saman Dance, I participate here. So this is our first practice. It wasn’t perfect yet, but I bet all will be set on the performing day! ^-^

<This is just a sneak peak.. I don’t tell about it all, let’s keep the whole fun for the D-Day^^>

Anyway, after we practiced we had a fun night together. The weather were starting to get colder and chilling, snow started falling and we enjoyed this weather even though outside was already cold, the feeling of excitement just can’t be ignored 😀

Then we cooked dishes… We didn’t plan the menu so everyone just went to their rooms and came back brought every ingredients we have in the pantry. hehehehe…

So turned out we made;

Udon bolognaise, potato nuggets, chocolate pancake, gado-gado, and soup. It is just a mixture of everything, lol.

But each of them tasted yummy though and most importantly it’s good to spend the cold winter night among friends!



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