❄Let it snow!❄

This Sunday 24th January 2016 is already expected to snow heavily in Fukuoka area. The news announced that this weekend will be the heaviest snow since the last 40 years. We were even told to brace ourselves and stocks food for three days.

Sounds like a disaster? Well.. yes, but definitely NO for the people who never see snow before! We played in the snow today! ^O^ It’s a superb day!

It’s been snowing all night and morning, with strong winds… all the time I look into the window, I only see the hills are getting whiter and whiter, tree branches turned like a silver sticks, it was both cold and beautiful!

I went out and in back and forth just to take videos and photos! XD ….and it got harder…

Then I and my friends Rissa, Ardy, Evan, Mayang decided to went out to the campus, just to take pictures and experienced the snow… we didn’t want to miss this chance even though it feels terribly windy.

Yes, the landscapes was worth it! Everywhere is white and vast, there were some guys building a snowman, then we joined them too, so fun^^ Then we took many photographs in front of our campus. I love these photos…


After a while, we couldn’t bear it, so we got inside. The weather got worse because of the wind, actually the snow wasn’t bad at all, but the wind stings on the skin, so we can’t stand outside for long 😛

Then everyone returned to their room, to eat and relax. I saw many posts from my friends nearby on Facebook, Instagram, LINE; showing their experiences today, it was both touching and thrilling!


Well.. quote of the day: “I am so H.A.P.P.Y!
Finally for the first time I saw, felt, touched, tasted the snow!”


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