FOSA Cooking Event

 We gathered, we cooked, we ate…’til our desire!

FOSA Cooking Event in a very decent cooking studio was so much fun! We enjoyed many kinds on international dishes from Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China, Uganda, Egypt!

It was held on 17th January 2016. This is an event held by Fukuoka Overseas Student Association (FOSA) to nurture international students’ relationship through learning international dishes and eating together afterwards. Everybody including Japanese can register as a cooking team or participating to learn cooking some new dishes. I joined this event with Ka Tyas and Stella and there was also Bro Naldy, Ka Hiromi and Ka Yaya registered as a cooking team, so there are two Indonesian team representatives.

I’m sure it will be so much fun and it does!

The day before the cooking event, Ka Tyas and I went shopping. We planned to cook Indonesian dishes, so we had to buy from Azhar shop in Hakozaki that sells Indonesian imported goods… Here are the ingredients and dish description we also prepared for the guests. (Thanks to Seni Budaya Division in PPI Fukuoka to help featuring the description^^)


We also cooked tempe goreng, for those who don’t know what is tempe, it’s a fermented soybean (definitely not natto!) that taste like meat! it’s really good and authentic to Indonesians’ home dishes. It is so satisfying and I bet many people love it! This is a short video, about a European man determined to make a tempe business ^^

Back to the story.. On Sunday morning, we departed from our dorm to our destination. Inside we found a great and vast cooking studio! My first impression was it so much similar to Masterchef’s cooking studio, except that it is white color tone and doesn’t have a pantry. But the table was so cool! We had every utensils, oven, knifes…

All of the participants gathered and Ka Aril (FOSA’s leader) gave the briefing session. We were explained about all the utensils available, cooking time, etc. Each team will have additional members (as mentioned before) and my team has gotten two guys from Egypt.

So we start cooking; chopping veggies, boiling eggs, blended the seasonings, and stuffs. Our team works great, the Egyptians are talkative and fun to work with. Ka Tyas lead us to do things, she’s the masterchef in the group and yet I know well that she cooked many delicious tabemono daily. 😀 Our urap, telur balado and tempe goreng are looking gooood!

The neighboring Indonesian team made Gado-gado, it’s a mix of vegetables such as carrots, potato, sprouts, spinach in sweet peanut sauce, they served it with sausages, tofu and boiled eggs. Other teams cooked interesting dishes as well!

This is a funny scene we took in the studio.

We finished cooking at around 15.00, and we were all looking forward to try all the foods! Then we tasted and ate, it was great!

I think Japanese team’s Inari sushi taste great, also kimchi from Korean team, but my favorite is of course Indonesian food! I couldn’t get bored of it, even though the urap was a bit drier than the original one I always had in Indonesia, it tasted fine. It was dry because we couldn’t get dried coconut in Japan, only desiccated coconut flakes.

Anyway after finished eating we went back and felt contended! Some photos are FOSA’s documentaries, there are the credits, thank you for the nice pictures! v^-^v




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