❤ Sweet Chick ❤ Spicy Mentaiko ❤ Peaceful Buddha ❤

Hello! It’s been a while since I update this blog…

This January I’m a bit busy in the lab, because I have to finish everything immediately before I return next March, so I worked hard almost everyday XP.

But as my friend said, “Work hard, play harder!” Last Sunday I had a trip with my close friends from Indonesia and abroad, in KUFSA trip. We went by bus to three exciting places; Hiyoko Factory, Hakata Food Museum, and Nanzoin Temple. The bus departs on 08.00, early Sunday morning but it was really worth it!

Hiyoko Factory is a sweet snacks factory. They have a typical chick-shaped soft cakes which are very very cute. We had chance to see how they make it by looking at the production line machineries. It started from a white bean mixed with sugar paste that shaped like a short tear drop shape, covered with flour, then popped automatically with chick shaper machine, baked for 20 minutes, made the eyes, and cooled in a gigantic circular tube. Finally they wrapped them in paper and packed them in a very cute box (as usual in Japan :D). In a day this one factory makes around 130,000 Hiyoko using two production lines.

We were not allowed to take any documentation inside the factory, but I found the video of Hiyoko making process in youtube. It’s quite long but if you have time, please seen it! You definitely will like this video as they look very very cute!

After observation of the production line… Guess what, we were given each one of us the very Hiyoko they made, FRESH FROM THE OVEN @.@! Woo hoo it’s so kind of them.

The size of one cake is around 1/3 of my palm, and inside the cakes is sweet bean paste, it’s delicious and filling. The snacks is quite dense that even eating one makes you fill full for sometimes :9 And actually, it was quite confusing where to start eating them, from head.. or from the bottom? I don’t know :3, This snack has charms! lol.

We left Hiyoko Factory around 11.00 and continue to the Hakata Museum of Food and Culture, HAKU HAKU, by then we arrived it’s around 11.30, we can go around the building to see many kinds of Hakata’s typical food, ramen, udon, manju, seafood, etc… and also observed how they prepared and packed mentaiko.

Mentaiko is fish eggs, literally, it is one of Fukuoka’s specialties which is a popular souvenir. It’s quite expensive though, and I just don’t have interest to buy any as I personally don’t really like mentaiko, it taste like paste of tiny pebbles and has little taste, though I’m OK eating them. We can taste various kinds of them in the shop area, I tried a bit of all the types and turned out that I can’t really differentiate them except by the color. I don’t know how to appreciate mentaiko (this phrase is copied from my friends Jamine when she’s talking about tea, hehehe… I feel the same for mentaiko).

After that we went straight to the last destination; the famous Nanzoin Temple Site! Nanzoin is one of Japan’s three major prayer spots on the Shikoku pilgrimage, the temple  features the world’s largest lying bronze Buddha statue. Over one million people visit Nanzoin Temple every year. I’m so lucky to have chance to visit here with my friends!

Of course the main attraction is the large Buddha on the top of the hill. He is so big and attractive that we even can see him from afar. I took a very nice picture posed just like him, also my friend Andres and Annelies…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Apart from it we can explore the temple sites and see many shrines, thousands of large, medium, small, tiny Buddha statues in numerous poses. These are the photos we took there.

They’re just amazing! All the statues were detailed, I think it needs years for them to complete all of them. I am not a Buddhist but I feel many people value this religious site as one of their precious cultural sites. 🙂

Around 16.00, we returned to our dorm. It was a great day and a fun trip! Thank you KUFSA!^^





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