Bike to Bite Kakigoya & Explore Keya No Oto

2015’s end is approaching and yesterday (30th December 2015) several Indonesian folks and I went out together to Kishi area in Itoshima City to eat oyster and stroll around the beaches. 🙂 These days, we can find oysters as it is the peak of the season, and Kyushu’s oyster are famous as the largest and most delicious in Japan, so I definitely won’t miss this chance^^.

Some of us went from Kashihama Area (closer to the city center), others are from Ito area using bus and bike. To get there by public transportation; take the train from Hakata station to Chikuzen-Maebaru Station then go by bus until the nearest bus stop on Kishi.

I went by bike together with Ka Pandhe, Ardy, Eja, and Dhifa. We left from 10.00am and reach the location around 11.20 then, of course we digged in the the oyster.

We were all excited! To cook the oyster we just put the whole thing on hot coal and wait until the shell popped open by itself. The oyster liquid dripped down to the coal and gave pleasant aroma hmmmmmm……

Since this is my first time to eat oyster, it was surprising to see the pop! it makes funny sound. The taste of the oyster was great, juicy tender with perfect saltiness.. hmmm :9 We can add soy sauce, ponzu sauce and chili powder but I think eating the oyster itself is already yummy! nomnomnom…

Besides oyster we also tried other seafood, corn, rice balls, miso soup and sweet snacks.

We enjoyed all the food and finished around 13.00, the cost of the meal are less than 800/person, I think it’s worth it because besides delicious food, we got to enjoy grilling oyster as fun experience with friends.

30_Kakigoya n Keya no Oto (82)30_Kakigoya n Keya no Oto (93)

Happy with our stuffed stomachs, we went together to a place called Keya no Oto. This is famous as one of the largest basalt rock in Japan. the distance is around 5 km from the oyster hut.

On Keya no Oto, we can see clear sewater with calm waves, small hill of rock, sea creatures… all the natural beauties.

We took many many pictures and by the time the sun almost setting. So we bid farewell to one another and went back to our own houses. It was really great, I am grateful that yesterday the weather is really nice, warm and no rain, so we enjoy every moment 🙂




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