X’mas Dinner & Home Alone

On the Christmas day I suddenly celebrate the season with joy and fun! Even though Japanese don’t celebrate Christmas, we can always make room for Christmas.

My friend and I decided to watch movie together on the 25th December 2015 evening… I was thinking it’s only a movie night with some light snacks, some of us brought salad, rice, candies, chocolate. We arranged them on the table…

but turns out one of our friend Aaron made a feast for all of us… OMG he baked chicken, make indian vegetarian food, sweet potato puree, and mountains of seasoned potato cubes.

So it became big and we had much food that night. It was so satisfying (Actually I had dinner already).

Then after the meal we watch the most-played Christmas movie series: Home Alone, hahahaha… most of us have already watched it but anyway we enjoyed our time^^



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