Smells Fishy on Nagahama Fish Market

Greetings from Fukuoka everyone!

Nagahama Fish market is one local market that is popular both among local people and tourists in Fukuoka. Nagahama Fish Market located in Tenjin area, and it sells great quality fresh seafood with reasonable prices, some stalls even sells their products really cheap.

Usually this place is only serving restaurant owners and supermarkets but every second Saturday each month, this site opens for public, so in December visited this place along with two Indonesian friends Dhifa and Tyas.

Nagahama was really attractive for fancy fish buyers, there are too many species of fishes, octopus, small big, filleted, whole, dried and fresh seafood here.

Besides selling various kinds of seafood there are also area where we can sample fresh sashimi, people even queued long for each bite.

When you come as early before 9.00am, we can learn from the fishmongers how to cut fishes the right way. I guessed I will try if I had know sooner though.

Another popular event is auction. Some special product like gigantic tuna, and high-grade fishes were sold by auctioning. The seller offers each items and the crowds who have interest buying it took a bid.

After all that raw, wet and dirty markets visitors can enjoy eating really fresh seafood dishes in restaurant beside the building. We saw several long queues near the door so it must be delicious^^.

The whole thing is quite enjoyable, it’s not everyday you see the bustling crowds bargaining fishes, octopuses, squids, shrimp, oysters… right? 😀

Oh! another thing, on our way to Nagahama, we saw some great ginkgo trees with their fancy yellow leaves on the sidewalk, just beautiful!



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