Christmas time with Hippo Family Club

Another party I celebrated is a Christmas Party with Hippo Family Club in Tenjin.

Since last couple of weeks I got to know Kawagoe Family through homestay experience, I keep in touch and decided to join this party.

Before coming to Hippo place, I visited my host family’s apartment, all the children, Iori, Ryusei, Izumi and Misora were healthy and happy, they gave me an exquisite Christmas gift; a very cute cat mug that I loved so much! Thank you very very much, I’ll keep it always, it brings back the valuable memories we had together :’)

Then we walked together to the party… On the party, children came, run, jumped, screamed, laughed, chased one another… all fun activities! ^o^ We did several children games with Christmas songs.

The last game we played was really cool and I managed to take some clips about it; so Sola-San, the party organizer prepared two painted balloons made from newspaper stuffed with candies, chocolate and all sweet foods. The first one is hollow on the underpart and filled with plastic rope, when the rope is pulled together, the candies will come out like candies rain. We were all cracked up looking the children went crazy when the candies falling.

Then second balloon is not hollow, but some parts of the newspapers are thin so we punched the balloon until it burst candies. Hahaha! This one is a bit hard and we all took turns to smash it. But in the end all the candies are occupied by these little kids, hahaha…

After all of the games, we had lunch together, chat around and enjoy the meal^^ I baked cookies and cakes and I hope it taste delicious for all.

Finally we wrote our wishes on star-shaped-post-it papers and stuck it on the wall with Christmas tree drawing. I wrote this:

Best wishes to all people, I guessed it would be hard for me next year because I have many targets I want to achieve, but I’ll work my best with my dearest God who has been with me all this time^^

Enjoy New Year everyone! 😀



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