Winter Solstice Celebration

It’s 25th December 2015^^!!! Merry Christmas everyone!

Actually this post is just a small update before the real Christmas experience…

On 22th December 2015, my Indonesian and Malaysian friends (plus one Mexican guy ^o^) made a party celebrating Winter Solstice, this is Chinese Special Day to commemorate to longest night of the year.

So we make this…


It’s a 同行元 tang yuan. It’s a Chinese dishes that is popular in both Indonesia and Malaysia, contain pearl ball of tapioca with flavor and brown sugar or mung bean paste inside, in ginger sweet soup. It’s delicious! :9 We also experimenting making some rabbit-shaped tang yuan, hehe.

There weren’t so many people, only Evan, Dhifa, Serene, Polim, Nicholas, Andres and me, somehow when I’m writing this I feel like making a citation (ignore my crazyness, haha! XD).

Even though it’s just a small gathering but I enjoy that night because I made new friends and it’s nice to be together. As a foreign students, social life is very important so in our spare time we can have fun together, that’s what I’m feeling at least, so I’m so happy to have friends like them^^



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