Christmas is the City of Lights^^

Hey! It’s the Christmas Day !!! 😀

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I want to shout it out loud in front of the lab and campus… because, Japanese actually don’t celebrate Christmas, it’s not even holiday today. (But it doesn’t matter to me because last on 23rd and tomorrow until next year we have long holiday hahaha).

Anyway, in this post I want to write about Christmas Market in Hakata and Tenjin area. It is postponed for two weeks because I am waiting to post it on Christmas day (25th)

This year is my first Christmas in Japan. I found out that the most attractive and famous entertainment during winter in Japan is illumination.

Hakata is the biggest station in Fukuoka city, during the winter they turn the station into an amazing world! ^_^ See how beautiful it is…

Besides the illumination there was also Christmas market, not just in Hakata but also in Tenjin (I think it’s the second busiest station after Hakata). I went to both places and see some special Christmas foods which are not common in Japan such as Spanish ham, Belgian potato, hot chocolate, German doughnut, soups and sausages.

But what attracted me is some very unique handicrafts. As far as I look in some shopping malls, these things are uncommon, so I really want to shop here for souvenirs. I know that back home there will be so many people waiting for souvenirs, hahaha.. So I became a picky buyer that wanders through all the stands.

There are great candleholders, cute things made from glass, wood toys, japanese decorative items… So hard to choose and calculate my budget, hehe.

Today was so great and I am happy that I get great items and an amazing nightview in the illumination. Somehow it feels so magical, I wish it will be like this every night, haha….

These are pictures taken by my nice friend Tanya from London 🙂 She has so many great photographs so I really eager to feature it here



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