a Week of Being an English Teacher (アルバイト)

Most of my  Japanese friends here are doing part-time job during their university years or usually called バイト for short. Personally I think people are not only doing バイト for the salary, but also for their experience which is useful in the future when they got interviewed for a job.

Anyway, I had a random chance did バイト, it was founded in the internet to be an English teacher for a Visiting Lesson program in Minerva English School. The school held this program annually, to give “international teacher experience” to the students. They posted ads recruiting temporary employment for foreigners who currently reside in Japan.

How did I get chosen? I also don’t know, but after passed the interview, I was told that I have four working days teaching Primary, Elementary and Junior High School, each session is about 2 – 3 hours long.

Fortunately the teacher who accompany me in the lesson gave me briefing session, so I know what activities, what I need to teach and what properties I will use for each class. Basically we introduce games, quiz and interactive conversation for Primary and Elementary School Students, but for Junior School students, we talked one another (like in conversation class).

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Not just the students, I also learned much from giving lesson to the students. I found out that most of Japanese students are good in English but they’re extremely shy to speak English, despite it’s the most important thing to interact with foreigners.

I met many cute children, this is my favorite part ^o^, even though they’re shy but when the lesson ends, they made me their sketches and sweet messages so I’m extremely happy!!! XD

In the moment, it has been weeks I’ve finished the lesson. The experience was great, but at this point I doubt that I will do it again for routine next month, because the distance of the class is quite far from my dorm… every time I had class it takes half day to spend. and I can’t concentrate of my research, especially next several months when I need to start writing papers. hahahah….

So thankfully it has finished just right in time. 😀




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