Sunny day at Kitazaki Seaside

Kitazaki, this area was a seaside which located in Itoshima city, Fukuoka, Kyushu (Japan). This sunny sunday (13th December 2015) I had a chance to visit here to interact with the local people while having a walking tour and lunch party.

Together with international students as well as Japanese students in Kyushu University, we departed from the university on 09.00 am.  We arrived in a small building which looks like a guest house, the building was new and they have a very cute pink fish statue. They said that this statue was made by Primary School Headmistress to support the runners while doing Fukuoka Marathon (it was featured in this season’s marathon). It was covered with primary students’ greetings!^0^ So cute!

Anyway our tour guide today was Mr. To. He took us around while explaining several temples around Kitazaki…

The first temple we visited were a temple of Three Gods of the Sea, I remember the named was San Shou Jinja (I hope I spelled it correctly). It had many historical paintings inside, some are made by famous Japanese artists, the paintings on the side of the temples resembles the famous poets in Japan. There were some doodles by visitors though 😦 too bad…

Next we continued on the next temple, it was built around 1300 years ago by Japanese who traveled to Korea to study about Korean culture. So the stone in front of the temple has some Korean words and style. Besides the temple I found very large clover leaves, it’s a lucky symbol which totally match my feeling right now.. yes, I am so lucky to get all these great experiences. 😀 😀 😀

Afterwards, next destination was a shared house of the local people, we took a peek inside the house, and the house has kotatsu (Japanese low table), wooden sliding door, separated toilets, futon inside the wall… It’s very traditional!

We also met some local people, many of them are old people but their really healthy and energetic, and also friendly! One cute grandma greeted us from the balcony, another is making grilled Iwashi (kind of fish) and the other are giving foods to stray cats on the island…

About Kitazaki people, their major income comes from natural resources from plantation produce and seafood. Especially this season they sells oysters. Fukuoka’s oyster are most famous and largest in Japan maybe even worlwide! My friend Dhifa who already visited here once before told me that even though the oyster is the largest, they can’t reproduce fast because the water in Fukuoka is not cold enough, so the people send the oyster to northen part of Japan to let them grow well and reproduce fast, then parts of them is sent back to Fukuoka and some parts are sold in other areas. It’s an interesting fact to know how the people really care about these things and can figure out way to improve their resources, this is what I want to do in my life actually 😉


Oh, I did mentioned about cats previously, right? Yes I noticed there are several cats here, they are stray cats but they’re really clean and fat!^^ I guess people taking care of them so every cat has enough food :9.

The walking tour ended at about 12.00… We took a group picture in front of a funny looking rock (it has a perfect circular hole) then we went back to the guest house to have lunch together.. Yay!

The lunch was a potluck party, so previously we all prepared some food for this party. I made nasi goreng rendang (I want to make original nasi goreng at first but then I’m out of sweet soy sauce which can only be bought in Indonesia), and I want them to look pretty so I tried shaping them into onigiri, even though it was not that good.

Anyway, there are more foods from our friends; chikuwa, jelly, eggs, tofu, kimchi, chinese food, dried persimmons, tsukemono, oranges and the main food cooked by the residents was Thai Nabe, it’s a kind of fish nabe. It has many kinds of fresh vegetables grown by the farmers, tofu, and thai fish. Taste was really delicious! Except for the fish bones and thorns which sneaked everywhere.

We ate together and socializing with our new friends, I had a good time and long talk with several people. Also I ate so much satisfying food. Thank God for today’s food.

After a long time talking, we finished the party and cleaned everything up together, and finally the people gave us a ride home, back to our living place.

Thank you so much for today! I hope we can meet again in the future to do activities together!




2 thoughts on “Sunny day at Kitazaki Seaside

  1. Woo!!!
    It’s nice diary!!!!!
    I really like it:)
    And it was really nice to meet you!!!

    I hope you will have a wonderful day in Japan from now as well.

    See you soon!

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