See you soon in Indonesia, Ka Arya!

Last week has been quite busy for me as I have really tight schedule, everyday came home late and couldn’t had enough sleep because I can’t sleep after 5 am. (Okay, I admit I did sleep until 5.30 yesterday, because I was really tired.. but my body always forced me to take bath.. lol).

But anyway, I had fun everyday and last Thursday (10th December) together with friends from Indonesia, we held a farewell party for Ka Arya who would have return to Indonesia the day after (Friday morning).

The party started on 6.30 pm, we prepared nabe, okonomiyaki, and takoyaki.  One of our friend Enggar has takoyaki maker, so it is possible to make lots of takoyaki easily.

As it is a custom to start party with”Kanpai” or Cheers!, we also did that, 😛 Ka Arya gave short speech to open this party :3. Then we dig in the food!


We had lots of fun and delicious food that night! There were too much food but we enjoyed them all. We also played pingpong, played guitars, and cards.

It finished at around 00.00 so after cleaned up everything we bid the last farewell to Ka Arya, took group pictures and went back to our dorm.

Have a safe trip home Ka Arya!^^ We will surely meet again in the future! 😀

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