Second visit to South Maebara Elementary School

Hello everyone!
Some of you may have read my previous post about my experience teaching elementary school students in Japan. This post is the follow-up event held just next week after that day. Since the two weeks-time, 3rd graders were presented about culture, sports and games of 5 Asian countries; Indonesia, India, China, Vietnam, and Philippine. They researched through internet, books, and from international students coming to the school.

On December 8th 2015, around 25 international students from Kyudai come to the school, some of us have come for giving lesson, and for others this is their first time. We and the 3rd graders, along with teachers gathered in the school’s gymnasium to hear presentation from the elementary students’ about what they have learned.

There were 5 groups presenting each country, so we were divided into 5 groups as well. The students prepared many many posters of all 5 countries and do presentation one by one. One group gets around 5 or 6 posters. They talked about island, natural landscapes, animals, flag, food, culture, school, games, sports, and many aspects of the country. For example, they presented about famous temple in Indonesia; Borobudur and Prambanan, also about nasi goreng, pisang goreng, and about islands in Indonesia plus the capital city Jakarta.

It was amazing to see that the children’s confidence when presenting. Their poster were also well made, with many pictures and photographs. I really value their works, and I think this is a nice program for both them and us, as international students in Japan, because we experience so much fun and happiness.

After they all have finish their presentation, they played recorders instruments and sang a very nice song. I’ve known this song since last week and I never feel bored hearing them because it’s so pure, nice and sweet! ^_^ Everyone sang together with cute high-pitched voices. Almost makes us broke into tears while smiling… (hmm.. what a terrible sentence it was.. made spontaneously).

Then, the program came to an end and it was the time for us to bid farewell. We took many many pictures and everyone went wild. Millions of selfies, laugh, screams, and jumps. Turns out I realized they just love camera! like magnet! Just look at this video! hahaha….

and the result…

Well thank you for spending time with us, we as international students feel very grateful to be with all of you today. It would be great if we can meet again in the future! ๐Ÿ™‚




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