New Leader of PPI Fukuoka 2015

Hello Monday!
This week will be full of night shift working but let’s start it with joy and energy!


This post is about PPI Fukuoka’s important event last weekend.
PPI Fukuoka is an association for Indonesian (there are around 120 people or more..) who reside in Fukuoka area. Most of Indonesian living here knows and are members of this association. Here, we did many activities focusing on culture, gathering, sports, and help one another.


When I first came here, many Indonesian helped me settle and some of them gave used goodies like cooking utensils and useful household appliances, I was really lucky and grateful for that! (Especially to Ka Enggar Dwi Kusuma as my supporter from the first day I came here, if you’re reading this, I want to thank you so much^^)

On Saturday, 05 December 2015, there was an Annual member meeting for evaluation and feedback forum of this years’ group performance, followed by election of our new leader for the next term of PPI Fukuoka. It was held on Itoshima International Student Resident, from 10.00 – 15.00. All the documentation of the event (except the funny dog above), was captured by Amil Ramdhan​. Thank you for great photos!

We had lunch together and started the election shortly after lunch and pray-time. There were five candidates for leader;
1. Gde Pandu Wisnu Suyantara
2. Tomy Alvin Rivai
3. Rizky Fitria D.
4. Soni Nopembri
5. Muhammad Deni Akbar.

When all votes have been counted, the result shows a tie between Ka Gde Pandhe Wisnu Suyantara​ and Tomy Alvin Rivai​. Then after some discussion,  it was decided that Ka Tomy will be the new Leader of PPI Fukuoka!^^

Congratulations! Hopefully PPI Fukuoka can develop better and better, to become family in harmony and friendship.




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