Awarding Ceremony of Kyushu Friendship Scholarship 2015

Nice to meet you again! 🙂

I am so excited to post this, because today is a special day for me, as my stay in Japan is supported by Kyushu University under Friendship Scholarship Program, there was an Awarding Ceremony of Kyushu Friendship Scholarship 2015.

The ceremony took place in the Shiiki Hall, a separate building located just in front of the campus. This building is often used for special events related to academic in Kyushu University.

When I arrived in the room, I found 4 other students who were fellow scholarship recipients, I recognized two of them; one is my friend Xu Yaoi from China and the other is Fauzia Puspa who came from the same university as me, I knew both of them well but just today I know that we are on the same program!^^

Above pictures are the scenes I took from my seat, besides me is my Sensei’s Professor Noriho Kamiya who also came to this event. He’s the one that helped me most so I can get here now. せんせい!とてもぜんぶありがとうございます!
I’ll try my best on the research.
I am so glad that he came in person today… (because I know he has many things to do everyday)


The ceremony started on 09.30 in the morning with an opening speech from the Vice President of Kyushu University, Mrs. AOKI, Reiko. She welcomed and encourage us to keep in touch as to pursue further friendship, even after we return back home.

Then she called our name one by one and gave us certificate of our scholarship. It was very nice! They included the certificate with special frame that can hang on the wall 😀


After that, each of us talked briefly about our research plan that we are working on during our stay here. Actually I didn’t know about this until yesterday, the email that asked me to give short speech about research just arrived yesterday afternoon. So I just made a brief draft last night…

I thought maybe some of you curious about it (some of my friends often ask about what I am doing here…) so I hope you can get the idea by sharing it here. It was not that good, though.. 😮

Distinguished guests, President of Kyushu University, professors, and fellow students.


Good morning!


My name is Yovita Astuti Djohan, from Bandung Institute of Technology Indonesia. I am currently a 4th year undergraduate student in Goto-Kamiya Laboratory in the Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering. This semester I am doing research under supervision of Professor Noriho Kamiya Sensei.


My research theme is about biosynthesis of gold nanoparticle using microbial resources. Nanoparticle is a functional material that is used in drug delivery system, elecrical appliances, analytical measurements and industries. Spesifically, the topic that I am now working on is the biosynthesis of gold nanoparticle using Cyanobacteria, a kind of aquatic microorganism that harvest light its’ energy source. This method has several advantages to be upscaled outdoor and eco-friendly. I hope that from this research I can propose novel methods of nanoparticle synthesis. In the future, this method has potential for remediation of gold metal polluted water bodies, that extend its’ function besides obtaining noble material, and also to clean the environment.


Along the way, Kamiya Sensei offered me to do another experiment related with this theme; that is about examining the effect of an enzyme to the aggregation of AuNP formed by the current method developed in the lab. The fact is, if there is too much golden ions in the environment during AuNP synthesis, AuNP can aggregate and its’ functionalities decreases. So in this research, an enzyme was used to prevent it. Hopefully next year, we can have great results published in paper.


On this opportunity, I also want to give my deepest gratitude to Kyushu University president, researchers, staffs, and the comittee of international student affair. So far, my life in Japan has been amazing both during the experiment in the lab and in daily life. I experienced various special events, places, activities that were unforgettable.


Let’s maintain our relationship. I wish in the future the agreement between my university and Kyushu University can be broaden.

Thank you very much for listening!


Fukuoka, Japan
2nd Dec 2015


Yovita Astuti Djohan

…Well that is all I can tell about this mornings’ ceremony. One last photo, I think this is funny, just for fun! haha…




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