Culture Teaching Program in 前原南小学校

I started my first day in December with a really nice event; I was invited by Mika Tamura Sensei to present about children’s play  in Indonesia, it can be songs, action rhymes, sports, games or anything related to fun activities. Because I don’t bring any kinds of toys and I can only dance Saman, so again I teach the children how to do Saman dance.

We gathered on 9.10 am in front of campus and went together to the school. The name of the school in Japanese is 前原南 Elementary school, translated as Maeharaminami Elementary School.

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The school building is just like I imagined in the comic books and anime, and they have cute drawings on the wall along the hall. The children made various creative design!^^

I was excited, the next thing happened; I found myself in front of 20 cute small students. Their sensei introduced my and then I started my presentation; First I put on video of the dance I did when I was first year student in my home university to give them the image how they look.

Then I showed them the costume that is used in the video, fortunately I can borrow one Saman costume from PPI Fukuoka (Indonesian Student Association in Fukuoka), and one student volunteered to wear it, (at this point I feel relieve because they got excited and didn’t ignore me at all.. Thank God^^)

Then we practiced the dance together. It’s amazing they managed to overcome the difficult movement, they learn quite a few movement in such a short time. We had fun together with Sensei, and we performed it together 😀

Time is up after 1 hour, then the children said their opinion about their experiences; after that they sang a very nice song for me.

I was so touched, especially when Sensei said they had studied it for 2 months everyday for this event. Truly I feel thankful! The effect of the melody truly magical :’)

Lastly, we took class photos and I bid farewell, and I returned together with the other international students. Surprisingly, the headmaster announced that next week on December 8th, we were invited to see the students’ presentation about this experience. OMG it’s so great!^^
I would love to come again, and spend more time with them!



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