Weekend with Kawagoe Family on Hippo Family Club Homestay Program

Hello again everyone^^

I’ve been updating quite a few memories on my stay in Japan lately, and here on this post I wanna share about my weekend with Kawagoe Family 川越 ファミリ. This is held by Hippo Family Club to give international students in Kyushu University to experience homestay in Japanese family.

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It started on Saturday in mid-morning. I met the organizer and several students from abroad in Tenjin station, and we went together to Hippo Family Room nearby. We played games in many languages and had lunch together. The meal was prepared by the host families, there were various kinds of delicious food!

After lunch, I went home with my host mother, Kawagoe Aya. Kawagoe family has 6 members; Kawagoe Tatsuhiko 川越 達彦 (father お父さん), Aya (mother お母さん), 3 sons; Iori 伊織 (7), Ryusei 琉聖 (5), Izumi 厳弥 (3) and 1 daugther Misora 美空 (1).

The children are still very small but their so cute and friendly^^. I spent afternoon playing with the kids, then in the evening we went to see night-view around Tenjin area.

The whole street was illuminated with lights! There was curtains of lights, Christmas trees, pretty decorations everywhere, and some of them has light show accompanied with music. So beautiful!

Besides sightseeing, the children rode illuminated train.

The train was also illuminated with small lights and went around the perimeter of a garden. The whole moments was exciting and we cherished time together.

After that, we went home and have dinner together. お母さん cooked nabe, it’s a soup cooked in Japanese-style clay pot.

It was eaten by some condiments like kimchi (fermented korean vegetable), hot sauce, and pickles. The taste was simple but quite yummy.

Before going to sleep, I chatted with お母さん and お父さん about Indonesia, then I slept in futon, Japanese style bed (like in Doraemon cartoon 🙂 ).


The next Sunday morning, I got up at 5 in the morning and helped mother cook breakfast. We made Japanese-classic breakfast; miso soup, dashimaki or seasoned egg roll and onigiri.

Mother taught me how to make large-triangle onigiri using hands and small roundish onigiri for kids using simple gadget. She also taught me to make decorated sausage that looked like crabs, hehe.. She told me that almost everyday she made bento for her children, so she got some skills to make funny food :D.

We ate together in family’s main table, it started with “Itadakimasu (頂きます)!” a phrase to start eating, and ends with “gouchisousamadeshita (号馳走様でした)” means you are thankful and satisfied with the meal.

After breakfast, the family went to shopping malls around Tenjin; Canal City , Kawabata Shopping area, and Hakata Riverrain.

There are many interesting shops, I bought some souvenirs and groceries, because we planned to make Indonesian special foods for dinner. We enjoyed lunch in italian restaurant before going back home, ate pizza and pasta.

Arrived at home, The meal we prepared for dinner were rawon and sayur asem. Thanks to my friend Karine, I have instant spice of these dishes to be cooked together. I cooked with mother and it was really easy because we just had to mix the vegetables and meat with the spices. Here is how they looked after finished…


Then all the family members enjoyed the meal together with hot rice. The children said it was 美味しい but a little bit spicy ^_^”.Father enjoyed  rawon so much, thankfully. Mother said it was new experience for her to taste this. I hope this can be a good memories for them.

After dinner, I packed my belongings, bid farewell and went back home to my cozy dormitory. Mother gave Mentaiko and leftover miso soup as omiyage, because I like the soup very much. She also gave me fluffy hat, scarf, and socks for winter. I am so grateful for everything, this was one great warm experience 🙂

But the best thing is, I can keep in touch and come back to play with them. We planned to spend time together around Christmas time and New year! Yay… Hopefully I can visit them again!




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