Mixed Cultural Event on Indonesian Kimono Project in Kurume

It was a holiday on Moday 23rd November 2015 and I spent this time to travel to a city near our prefecture, Kurume city. I went with two Japanese friends, Saga-chan and Erika-chan and my Indonesian friends. PPI Fukuoka was invited by the organizer (who was a Japanese called Mie-san) to perform Saman dance and gives Angklung workshop. Everyone including me participated in the dancing and my senpai, Pandhe from Bali would teach angklung to the guests.

The event was held in Kurume City Hall. I saw amazing fabric of Indonesian batik pattern made into kimono. It was beautiful, the place was decorated just like in Indonesian-themed art hall. They had umbrella patterned batik and some collection of wayang (traditional puppet from Java island in Indonesia), souvenirs.

Anyway, we didn’t spend much time to admire the surroundings because we had to change to our dancing costumes and practice a while. This is our performance, it’s not expert because we’re just practicing, but we had fun!


…especially I was so happy that my Japanese friends, Saga-chan and Erika-chan joined and they did very good!

There was also another performance by a lady we just met, she’s Indonesian and she did two solo dancing, it was pretty cool 🙂

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After our performance, I look around the exhibition. They combined Japanese culture like origami, samurai costume, and katana. The guest can try wearing kimono with special pretty pattern. I didn’t want to miss this chance so I tried one and also I learn to made kimono origami.

For the refreshment, they gave wajik (glutinous rice cakes with brown sugar) and pisang goreng tepung (fried banana in flour) and served coffee from Lampung (authentic coffee from Sumatera Island in Indonesia) .

I surely enjoyed this event and really touched how Japanese actually love our culture, we are actually not so different anyway, I hope this relationship will grow stronger and stronger in the future. If there is another opportunity, just count me in!



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