Hello! This is the post I promised to publish from the last post. KYUDAISAI is a festival held in Kyushu University ITO Campus. Most of the organizer are underraduate students. There are many kinds of stands from each sports club, culture club, international clubs, and everything. This years’ KYUDAISAI was held from 21st – 22nd November 2015.


There were many kinds of food and in international stalls we could find authentic foods from many countries. I saw chinese, mexican, vietnamese, korean, arabic, turkish, and of course Indonesia.


My friends who are in G30 Program (that is international undergraduate-4-years program) sold Nasi goreng (fried rice) they use real sweet soy sauce from Indonesia. I think this is the most influencing spices, so it was a good deal. I tried the taste and yes it similar to indonesian nasi goreng although the rice taste different, but it’s okay.


I took several pictures with Andres, Annelies, Jamine and Karine. We tried several games.. actually Andres played most of them.C360_2015-11-26-08-12-46-600

I only spent around one hour in KYUDAISAI because I have something to do in the campus afternoon. That explain why the photos weren’t as much as usual 😛
But on the way I saw these cute little robot in separate exhibition. My favorite is this seal robot, it’s so fluffy and when you rub him, he will respond. aaaaw

That’s all for this week! I paid my debt for posting! Hahahaa… the following week I have some more things that I will update later, just stay tuned^^



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