Short visit to Futamigaura & peaceful Sakurai Shrinein the Mid-morning

This is my second visit to Futamigaura beach, the first one was around one month ago (you can compare here). My friend Annelies and Andres wanted to go, so that’s why I revisited this place. I thought it will be nice to spent time on the beach, though 🙂

[…turned out I found small peaceful shrine on the way back home…]

These are how the Futamigaura tori looks in mid-morning (we were here around 07.30 – 09.00)

And this is Sakurai Shrine… I love the atmosphere here. It’s a simple shrine but it has several small buildings, it’s graceful!

We went back around 11.00, because in the afternoon we want to go KYUDAISAI, it is university’s annual festival. I also have something to do besides Kyudaisai. Next post will be about Kyudaisai 🙂




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