Journey to Shiraito Falls

Last Saturday on 21st November 2015, I had the time of my life with my frends Karine and Evan together.

We went to Shiraito Falls 白糸の滝. It is located around Itoshima prefecture, about 16-17km distance from our dormitory. So we decided to go at 7.00 am by bike, even though many people said it is impossible to go by bike because the slope are really steep.

and.. Yes! It was really though but we nailed it and the journey was really worth it! On our way we found several amazing spots and the scenery became more and more wonderful as we hike uphill.

There was fields and vast rice plantation… we passed river (which water comes from the falls).

We got lost inside forest and found bamboo trees. It felt like in the Lord of the Rings movie. We just navigated our way and took so many pictures.

Another wonderful spot…

we passed a small temple which has many autumn trees. This was sooo beautiful and we were too excited when we saw them. The wind was blowing and I saw orange leaves falling down from a tree.


After taking a break in the temple, we continued our way up to the fall, it was not that far anymore, and we managed to reach the top at last.

Satisfied to reach our destination, we ate our lunch together in front of the waterfall, what a breathtaking moment! At that time some part of my life completed, I felt amazingly happy. 😀 😀 😀

We spent sometime just enjoyed the view and chatting, there weren’t so many people there so we can relax.


After that we returned, and this journey was really fun! Because it was downhill so we just slide our bicycle down, feels like never ending flying^^.

We arrived back to our dormitories in the afternoon, the day was almost dark, so we can have a good rest and sleep. I won’t forget this days’ experience, it was just magical to see such amazing nature at once in one day… Especially I thank you for these super photos taken by Karin and Evan’s camera ^_^



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