Introducing Indonesian Culture to Motooka Junior High School Students

This November I had a bunch of wonderful moments during my life in Fukuoka. In this post I want to share about one of them…

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Last week on 20th November 2016 I joined voluntary guest teacher program in Motooka Junior High School. This event was organized by Kyushu University, it is a chance for international students of Kyushu University to introduce their country’s culture to Japanese Students. I think this is a good event so I registered without hesitation.

We gathered in the afternoon 13.00, then directly go to the school. My first impression on the school was; it was like in the comic book! I think I heard this several times from my friend that everything in the japanese comic books are actually really similar to real thing in Japan, and we as foreigners find this is fascinating. 😀

I was greeted by middle-aged Sensei and his two students, they directed me to their classroom and then I started my presentation. I presented movies about Indonesian natural heritage, culture, foods, people and dance. I think it is better to present using videos rather than powerpoint because students in Japan hardly understand English 😦 I had to use very simple phrases and grammatically incorrect sentences. But fortunately using these videos they seems to understand and interested.

After that, the students also presented about Japanese culture. It was in Japanese, so I didn’t understand several phrases, but I know they imply on unique Japanese food every month, odori, and special events.

When the students’ presentation finished, there was still time available, so I taught them how to do a movement in Saman Dance, because that is the only Indonesian dance I can do.

We had really good time and I am so glad the students were having fun^^!

After finished, we took class photos and I got delicious cakes from the school, thank you so much!

I didn’t expect to have this unforgettable moment in such a short time 😀




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