Fukuoka Marathon

Hi! This is a late update since I forgot to post this feeds and just keeping it as a draft for ages. This is about Fukuoka Marathon Event. On Sunday, 8th November 2015, a marathon was held in Fukuoka and the route passed Kyushu University as well as my dormitories.


Students of Kyushu University can watch and cheer to the marathon participant. They were running a 40-km-distance at that time. Surely it was hard. Most of the participants are Japanese men, but I saw few girls and foreinger join too.

It was quite fun event, because I watch it with my friends, and after it’s over the dormitory manager held a party for us as the supporters. That’s kind of funny in my opinion though, because we didn’t do such an effort as much as the runner and we just got great dishes from manager.

Look at all these food, there were more various kinds of foods like cheesecake, burger, and drinks, but they had gone quickly!

The party was a success and even there were so many leftovers! Too much for this day.. lol. But in the end we distribute them for all.



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