Karatsu Kunchi Festival 2015

I know about this festival because there is a poster posted in my dormitory. I think it’s interesting, and because I had time to spent, and my friends also going, so i just went here.

Awesome dragonfish

Karatsu Kunchi Matsuri is kind of a parade of 14 BIG God statues in representation of animals; dragon, carpfish, demons, etc… I cannot mention it all because actually I don’t know what kind of animal that is.


These 14 statues are wheeled through the city streets accompanied by the sound of taiko drums, clappers, and the vigorous shouts of the handlers.

There were so many people watched it, really really crowded. But fortunately I got a good spot to take pictures and videos. I and my friends stood in the starting point of the parade, so it was easy for us too see everything.

We took a picture with a very kawaii girl^^

I like it so much, it was a really rare experience, so I was lucky to have a chance to see it. 🙂
NB: Most of these pictures are captured by my friend, Jamine and Annelies. Thank you very much for them! I really appreciate your help!



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