Saga Balloon Fiesta 2015

Hello! So in the beginning to this month I went to several places around Fukuoka, Saga Balloon Fiesta and Karatsu Kunchi.

Hello November! ^3^
I found cosmos flower in Saga! I don’t have to go to Nokonoshima island to reach them, so happy!

First is Saga Balloon Fiesta 😀

p_saga_017_lThis is an international hot air balloon competition held annually in Saga, the place is next to the prefecture where I live. This competition is very famous for many creative designs of hot air balloon and great place to travel.

So in my experience, I saw various kind of food, drink, game stalls throughout the arena. Because by the time I arrived, it was not the time to lift up the balloon, I had to wait for few hours to see them. But it was good though, I enjoy it because many stalls giving free samples of strange food so I can try. haha…

Why so fancy Banana? You attract too many people especially kids, XD
We call it ‘KUE CUBIT’ in Indonesia. I think the taste is almost similar
Taiyaki! a cake shape like fish, but commonly taste like red bean paste, not fishy at all
Here is the real fish, they are really delicious! I ate many of these because it was really good. Awww oishikatta!!
In Japan, ginger is made into sweet hot drink, this is a ginger drink; I think they put tapioca, sugar, and ginger there. We have a kind of drink like this in Indonesia, but much more spicy and usually there are more various spices… it’s called sekoteng.
Famous apple candy, this is full of sugar, I don’t want to eat it.
Can you believe Japanese make this kind of sweet? I feel sinful to eat it because it’s too beautiful, :3
Fancy souvenirs were sold in several stands, I wanna have one but I think I spent too much already 😛
YAHO! It’s the Ocha man, he’s really active when serving tea. What a show!

When it was the time to lift up the balloons, the weather was not very good, so I didn’t get a chance to see many balloons in the air onsite. It was very very bad and I kinda feel disappointed because I had a long journey to get here, it was not cheap though :(.

But anyway, I enjoyed the festival so it was okay.. The best thing was, on the other day friends of my friend went here and he sent me several photos from his experience, here are some of them…

They’re so cool aren’t they? I really admired the creativity, I think it will be really hard for the judges to pick the winner.

So.. that was about the Saga Balloon Fiesta, I’ll continue the next festival I went on the next post…


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