Autumn 2015 – Welcome Tea Ceremony in Kyushu University

こんにちは みんなさん!

This post tells about my experience in Welcome Tea Ceremony held by Kyushu University last Friday (30th October 2015).

Japanese green tea or matcha. I think everyone knows what it is. The most famous authentic flavor from Japan which already become a trademark.

So in the beginning of every semester, International students have chance to learn about the culture and essence of Japanese tea ceremony or 茶の湯 in Japanese. We also have a chance to participate as a volunteer who serves tea and sweets to the guests. The biggest advantage of a volunteer is getting to wear a yukata^^ So I immediately register because I really want to wear a yukata in the event. Of course, this is an opportunity that I wouldn’t miss. Haha…

Btw, some of these photos belongs to my dear friend Annelies that kindly took many pictures during the ceremony. Thank you very much, Anne!^^ You completed my blog.

There is a small corner where the guests can learn how to prepare matcha in the tea ceremony.
This is the main hall for the ceremony. The volunteers take turns to serve.
In the back stage: so many foamy and fluffy matcha^^
Sweet candies that accompany the matcha. It looks like a siomay, but inside was adzuki bean paste.

And yes it was worth it. Not only I can wear a yukata, I also tried to make the matcha using the traditional way, and coincidentally served tea for the vice president of Kyushu University. Hopefully I got the sentence correctly (it was in Japanese, I don’t know it was pronounced correctly or not.. haaha). Otherwise I hope he didn’t remember my face XD

Here I am with my labmate, Lili-senpai
With the other volunteers, most of them are from China
With a Filipine girl who also just come to Japan this semester.
I tried making matcha in the backstage. 😀

It was a memorable memory. I hope someday my friends also take that chance, maybe on the next semester^^

Thank you for reading^^



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