Common Daily Things that Colors you Life! ^_^

This week I do several things with my new friends…

First, on one fine day afternoon I went to the gym in the campus (as usual) and meet a lady from Philippine, Noemi, who lift heavy things as well. She’s very strong and she has been lifting for around 3 years 😀

I went to her dorm after the gym and we had lunch and talk together. She cooked damn great (also healthy) food!

Cooking in family size kitchen, surely it feels very good, lol 😀
Tofu and chicken with bolognaise sauce^^

We had a talk about living here, about jobs, and many aspects. I enjoyed the time we spent, so next time it’s my turn to invite her to my dorm 😀

On the other day, I joined softball practice with my lab members. I wasn’t good at all.. hahaha… Softball is like a ball game which is very popular in Japan, but I never see it in Indonesia, I only saw it in Doraemon.

This is one of my friends in the lab. He’s very good in playing softball, really!

I was embarrassed with the fact that the glove was three times bigger than my hand, that I can’t grab the ball using my fingers, it became so hard to catch the ball, 😦 I hope my lab members didn’t remember Nobita when they saw me. (In Japan, my name Yovita is called Yobita or ヨビダ because the don’t have the consonant ‘V’, and it makes my name similar to Nobita) 😛

But anyway, I had fun even though I was so bad. :3

Cyanobacteria: Synechococcus elongatus PCC7942

Another update is that I started my research from last week! Here are my babies in the lab. I’m hoping I can give great result as I really don’t want to disappoint my Sensei’s expectation. Wish me luck!^^

Btw, the autumn color is getting more and more vivid day by day^^ I love that I can see red momiji leaves everyday in the campus^^



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