Welcome Party for New Students in PPI Fukuoka and more…

Hello! It’s been two weeks since my last update^^. So I’m going to write more now…

On the 24th of October, 2015. PPI Fukuoka (or in English it something like.. Indonesian Student Association in Fukuoka) held a welcome party for new students coming this year (that includes me, my new friends, and also Indonesian students who came last semester). There was introduction, explanation about PPI Fukuoka’s committee, games, but the main event was the food party^^.
We had BBQ, many kinds of Indonesian dishes; Karedok, noodles, fruiet salad, and some other things…)

Beef, Chicken, Vegetable, and ashes! XD
Fried noodles, with fragrant onions, vegetables, and sweet soy sauce
hahaha, I love how they named this food.. 焼き餅 or literally fried mochi, It resembles Indonesian food ‘kerupuk’, Taste crunch crunch crunch, but not healthy lol 😛

It felt so great to meet many people coming from the same country, speaking our native language freely, and making plans about going out together :D.

The food was also very delicious^^ I ate until I’m bloated. hahaha.. it was one rare chance to have Indonesian food here in Japan, even though I brought some Indonesian spices here, I still can’t cook very well, so the taste were often disappointing, even for me. But anyway, I’ll try to improve day by day so I can recreate these dishes in the near future ^_^


Another experience… One fine day in the afternoon, I went to a Japanese Seafood Restaurant near my dormitory together with two friends, サガちゃん and なべちゃん, they are very kind and friendly. On that day, the prices are discounted 50% for ladies, so it was a good bargain for us :D>

A very modest but very fresh seafood restaurant

We ate sashimi, sushi, and tempura together. The sushi was complimentary by the chef, as サガちゃん and なべちゃん are actually taking a part-time job here. OMG, I love the taste, so amazingly fresh! I don’t know why I’m freak out about raw fish on rice, but it is indeed yummy, it has spices, little bit of wasabi, and the texture was yumyumyum and I crave more… :9

Awww sushi!^^ I love it! Maybe it’s the best sushi I ever eaten.

Thank you サガちゃん and なべちゃん! I feel so honored that I can be friends with both of you^^

See you later!



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