Immerse yourself in Japanese Cultural Experience through Kyudai Clubs

Good Morning!

I’m writing to share about this weeks’ experience of mine in Kyushu.  Almost everyday, I had unique and cool Japanese culture experience. So I can’t wait to share it here ^0^

The first one, I went to Kyudai Art Club. I just sent an email to the club’s email and they asked me to join on Wednesday evening.The activities they did are drawing and sometimes they do artworks for festivals. When I came last week, we did drawings of 6 members in 5 minutes for each person. It was challenging, because 5 minutes is a very short period and you don’t want to embarrassed yourself making a very bad sketch. But anyway after the drawing and sketching session, we exchange our sketches to everybody and I saw many unfinished sketches also. There are some of them that didn’t make all the sketches, apart from the members who became the models. So I think the most important point is having fun, though.. haha.. After that we went to dinner together in canteen, so it was really nice!

Apart from Art Club, I went to Comic Club as well. I met with a very sweet girl called Saga-chan, she’s from Tokyo but she speaks English really well, which I’m so grateful for that (We can make an interesting conversation), and she’s a Comic Club member. So she offered me whether I want to join Comic Club and of course I said yes! So on the next day we spent some time in Comic Club Room and I made these..

Tiny mermaid (just because it’s uncommon in Manga and comics to see mermaids)
My dear little friend
Me and Saga-chan, I hope our friendship last long!^^

Saga-chan made comics and she’s really great in drawing them. I hope we will be closer by spending time together, it’s just really awesome!

The next day, I experienced a Kyudou Club Activity, it’s a Traditional Japanese Archery Club.

First, we met in LAWSON
Masters in Action!

I couldn’t join the club because I’m only staying for short period, while the clubs’ training is so strict and had a long way to practice Kyudou, but the members are really kind because they let me (ad the other international students who are interested in to take a short class about Kyudou. We tried shooting arrows to a target and Wow, it was difficult, I don’t know how to aim correctly…

I’m so amateur, the distance to the target was so close, hahaha (only around 10m I think)

in the end, I got to know many new friends as well.

Kyudou club and international students ^0^

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