Global Village Chihaya Festival 2015 and Hakata Tomyo Lantern Festival

On Saturday (17th Oct) Indonesians participated in Chihaya Global Village Festival. Chihaya was really far from my dormitory area, so I went there by subway (after biking around 15 km).

Route from my place to Meinohama Station. I passed very beautiful seaside
Random flowers on the street
Near Chihaya, selfie!
Another random purple colored flower
Just a junction near Chihaya

Indonesian students presented Saman Dance, Angklung, and Piring Dance, and I joined the Angklung. We played four songs, three from Indonesia and one is a Japanese song; Gundul-Gundul Pacul, Manuk Dadali, Pileuleuyan, and Ue no Muite.

Manuk Dadali in Angklung

Ue No Muite (Japans’ song that I didn’t know) in Angklung

Gundul-Gundul Pacul


I’m really happy because many foreigners and Japanese appreciated our performances and liked it! I hope someday they can visit Indonesia and experience beautiful and pretty culture from Indonesia. Anyway, apart from performance we also took photos and teach Japanese to play angklung, it was really nice!

Very cute clown with my labmate Ka Tyas
Angklung lessons for Japanese, they learned really fast!
Indonesian stand! We sell Sate ayam with special savoury peanut sauce and sarada! (It is Indonesian Yakitori)
This red and white flag in Japan made us proud of our country

Anyway I wanna try Saman after this, I hope I can.. because Saman dance is really exciting and addicting.. haha)

After the Chihaya Festival, I spent time with my friends to visit Hakata, the city centre of shopping in the island.

Just a very cute puppy I met in Chihaya
Hakata Riverrain Mall

There was a Lantern Festival there called Tomyo Watching Kabuki Fetsival. It’s an annual festival, so I definitely won’t miss it even though it’s late at night. You can click on this link if you wanna know further (maybe you have chance to visit it next year!)

So, the festival is like a walking route through Hakata city’s road and temples. There are several lantern spots and in each spots, there were hundreds of lanterns. The photos I took were not very good as the light was coming only from lanterns, and even though there are many of them, the area outside the lanterns are dark in photos. But I hope you can enjoy

Superman was on the ground! XD
Walking in th evening towards lanterns
Some of them has unique design
The big boy (Photo credit belongs to my friend: Alexandra from Poland)
Momiji leaves lantern (Photo credit: belongs to Alexandra)
One with thunder lily and sakura design. My friend told me that this is the flower which blooms last month, so it’s meaningful to feature it here.
Bubbles in the sky!^^ I never seen anything like this before! It’s really beautiful!
Massive lanterns shaped into wavy sea and boats :D (photo cresdit: belongs to Oliver Mohr)
Massive lanterns shaped into wavy sea and boats 😀 (photo cresdit: belongs to Oliver Mohr)

I think this festival are phenomenal. There was an atmosphere of peace, happiness, and quiet at the same time. It would have been similar to a ritual of meditation, but because there were so many people, it wasn’t.

After all that lanterns, lights, and sparks, I went home, biked again through the dark night. Thank God I arrived safely to my dorm.

That’s all for now, I think there are too many different topics in this post. Actually now I’m going to another festival today on Sunday afternoon, but I will post it in the next post.

So stay tuned and don’t forget to have a great day^^



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