Sakurai Futamigaura in Itoshima – A place to calm hearts


Hi friends! 😀
Today (12th October 2015) is a national holiday in Japan. I went to a very cool place in the afternoon with two buddies.

It was a beach called Futamigaura which located around 8 km from our dormitory, it’s not so far if you go by bike. The Futamigaura Bay is famous for a big gate (called torii 鳥居 in Japanese) built just by the beach.

So we went at around 3 p.m. through a quite hard route, we had to climb up the hills in the beginning and also some parts from the route, but it was worth it because we got very long downhill slide.. yes it was really fun^^! We also saw such an amazing nature, paddy fields, flowers, shrines, and mountains.


When we arrived, the view was BREATHTAKING!

First view on arrival

It was just a beach with a torii and two symetrical rocks connected to each other by some manmade bridge behind the torii. But we felt so grateful that we can see this together. :’)

一緒に … チーズ! XD
Not sunset yet
The Futamigaura Torii and Symmetrical Bridged Rocks
I don’t know why this happened, probably Camera 360 got too smart

We enjoy a couple of hours in the beach, it was almost sunset when we started our journey back, I couldn’t caught the last minute picture of the sunset because the sun was behind the rocks, but few minutes before, I managed to take this picture (it was much more amazing in reality, but anyway.. i got the photo)

Almost Sunset

On our way back, we took different routes, and it was by the beach, so we circle some tiny parts of Kyushu Island. The route was better, not many slopes, but I like the first route too anyway…

So that’s it about my short recreation today… I’m planning to go to the further south part of the bay on my next visit, there is also beautiful beach and a moutain, so we can do hiking :D. Maybe next 2 weeks, if it’s possible.

Plan my trip: Where should I go next? ^^




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