Welcome Party for the New Lab Members

Hi! I’m writing again about the time of my life.

So this week our laboratory held a party for the new members in the lab this semester. There are 3 new members; one is Kak Tyas from Indonesia, one in Maha from Egypt, and the other one is Yovita (or me) also from Indonesia.

Half of the lab members. We had a good talk! 😀
Professor Kamiya Sensei, Assistant Professor Wakabayashi Sensei, with Indonesian students… Kak Alif, Kak Tyas, and an undergraduate 😛

The party was similar like BBQ Party, it was on Wednesday night, 10/07. We ate grilled sanma fishes for the main course, and many other foods; Miso soup, grilled vegetable and mushroom, chicken, sweet potato, and of course there are drinks. Japanese like drinking alcohol, but few members can’t drink alcohol so we also had fruit juices and regular soda.

In the party, we chat a lot and having fun. Party for Japanese is time to talk freely and be friendly to everyone. This is also why they love drinks, it strengthen the bond of their relationship. I personally don’t like drinking, in fact I rather hate it because the taste not good and left you feeling dizzy… but it won’t block myself to chat freely to everyone, so I think it’s not a problem.

Anyway…. Why sanma?

Apart from the reason that not all of the members can eat meat, sanma, is a seasonal fish in Japan, we can have sanma every year but this month (October) it’s the peak of sanma season, so it’s really delicious to have grilled natural sanma together. I think it’s perfect choice too, even though there no spices added, I actually like the taste, it’s juicy and very fresh! There were so many sanmas that each person can have 4 or more. nomnomnom… #feelinglikeabearintheriver


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