September Clay Haul

Okay, so this gonna be the biggest charm update this year. It is a late update but well… I want to post these so here we go…

charmender (6)
Here is Charmander babies, I only make 6 of them and they immediately find their new owner ^^
alice (1)
Alice in Wonderland
bacbac (3)
BacBac from LINE creators stickers
Bearblue (1)
Custom order from my friend, Blue bear that looks a little bit like baymax
mikeyminni baby (1)
Disney Mickey and Minne Baby
monster (1)
Monster University, Mike and Sulley
dora (2)
Nom nom nomnom
heatherdwagon (11)
These are dragon balls inspired from heathersketcheroos who makes the character in canvas
heatherdwagon (12)
I put more of these pictures on Instagram
Panda from LINE Creator Sticker
mickeyminieclassic (1)
Disney Mickey and Minnie Classic
rabbbut (2)
Alien Rabbit
snowwhite (3)
Snow White with Apple
starry (1)
Unicorn with style inspired from The Little Mew creation 🙂
tootle (9)
unicorn (6)
Kimono Unicorn Inspired from The LIttle Mew 🙂
unihorse (1)
Unicorn rainbow colour also inspired by The Little Mew
owl (1)
Owl for my dear friend Albert
panpaka (1)
Panpaka Pants
pusheen (1)
Tiny Pusheen in a basket :3
merida (3)
Merida remake, with modification of her eye
little tiger (13)
Chesire cat inspired from The Little Mew again 😀

The last one is a gift for my mom,

orchid (24)
Original creation made with love for a farewell gift
orchid (2)
you can see the back and side of her

I made two of them, my mother really likes orchid flowers back then, and I think it’s beautiful Indonesian flower 🙂

There goes my final update of this year’s crafting. Now I’m in Japan so I cannot to much crafting, but surely I’ll return to do more!

Actually I update the crafting much more in Instagram, but I like to feature them here because there are some friends of mine who don’t have instagram and wanna see them, love crafting^^


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