Great Weekend in Japan – Girltalks, Seaside, Party… Feeling Blessed

Hello everyone!

This weekend were so amazing for me! I’ve been in Kyushu for a week now and I really grateful every time I remember it because everything is amazing and so new!^^

So this week on Saturday I went to my Indonesian friends’ apartment by bike after shopping groceries and stuffs. I got myself a bicycle lamp from Daiso (the lamp was really cheap, but the batteries are 6 times higher, haha) and also Washi tapes for decorating my diary and colourful markers and stabilos 🙂

Bike lamp, it’s portable and can be used as lighter, Very Cool!
Silicone mold to make cupcakes… or cupeggs? 😀
New pens for colouring my diary, who said Black and White is cool? I’m starting to get bored of my diary because I only had bloack ballpoint before.
Masking tape for decoration, with colourful pattern ^^
This is some sneak peek of the pattern, My favorite is the penguins. I love the material, you can undone and it’s quite elastic.

So back to the story, in my friends’ house Kak Liana, we chat a lot and Kak Liana made us a very savoury lunch, it was seafood spaghetti with quail eggs, prawn, and tomatoes. She’s super nice! She had so much used items that she doesn’t use anymore and she gave me cooking utensils and many more! They made my room so cozy and now I can really cook by myself.. Hooray!!! 😀 (Previously I used the microwave, but the feeling is different even though the microwave is so sophisticated).

Fruity tea time during girl talk!^^
Water filter.. there is similar items in Indonesia called ‘pure it’ but it’s a dispenser, this one is awesome!

DSC05862 DSC05863 DSC05864 DSC05865

Those are the photos of my room, I really like the blanket, it’s beautiful, soft and warm :’) Perfect for the upcoming winter!

Then on Sunday, we had a disaster drill for new international students of Kyushu University and Welcome Party!

Disaster education and presentations from leaders of the dormitories
Using fire extinguisher

DSC05847 DSC05848

I met many students from Europe, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia! The food was good, we talked a lot and it’s was a cheerful moment^^ We also had a bamboo noodle. It’s like fishing noodle from a bamboo ‘river’, here’s the video link. I tried to capture good movie, but it’s not that great 😛

Then in the afternoon, I went with 3 friends to the beach by bike. We went to a German Bakery and bought good bread and ate them on the beach. It was very relaxing, I really love living here.. so peaceful, the people, city and nature are in harmony. I definitely will enjoy more and more here…

Beach near the German bakery
Nice Sky
Almost sunset
See you in the next post^^!

Tomorrow’s a new day, and I’ll continue my research, hopefully everything’s going well.

Until then,



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