First week in the new place


View from my room every morning… Actually it’s more spectacular in real life! Many mix of color during sunrise.

Hello! Today I wanna share my first week in Kyushu University. This week I’ve started doing labwork. Everybody is very friendly so I don’t feel bad. I also went to some kind of supermarkets and experienced many new things.

First, this is my friends Gao Yafei who’s in charge as my supporter during my settlement in Kyushu. She helped doing some procedures, like registration of residency, bank account, dorm renting, health insurance, and so on. She’s very nice! I’m happy to have her here 😀


I also met many more students from Japan and international! Many of them brought souvenir from their home when coming back here. I just know that it was Japanese custom to give souvenir each other, and almost all the sweets and items are individually wrapped, it’s so cute and here are some sweet I take in my dorm. There are matcha oreo, peach cake, chocolate, coffee cookie, and so on…

DSC05681Next, I want to feature my lab (viewed from outside) and many flowers I saw, they’re so beautiful!^^

DSC05712 DSC05700 DSC05698 DSC05740 DSC05715 DSC05720 DSC05721 DSC05731

I also got a good luck! I met a friend from Swedia who want to give her bike. She had two bikes, so she gave one to me! Actually it’s the first time I went by a bike on the road, and it’s quite challenging when I went out, but I have to accustom myself because it ease my life here so much. So convenient to have a bike!

DSC05768Then I went to some supermarkets and saw some unique products; clear jam, wasabi paste, king oyster mushroom, and some vegetable featuring their farmers, this is so funny^^

DSC05745 DSC05742 DSC05754 DSC05748

I really like it here! I just know that I’m gonna enjoy. I’ll update more next week as today (and yesterday) I started doing lab works so I don’t have all day blogging. lol 😀



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